Review Policies


Hi, welcome to my review policies page.

First of all, I want to thank you for even considering me to review your work. Feel free to contact me with any comment, questions, or request for book reviews, interviews and giveaways. Email me here.

I enjoy most genres of books. The following genres I will not accept. Sorry. :(

- Christian Fiction
- Poetry

Books in the following genres will be most likely get accepted:

-Science Fiction
-Graphic Novels <3
-Most books, yes even non-fiction and homo <3. (Not sure if your book(s) fit? Just hit us with an email, and you will see :)

We accept physical and Kindle (mobi) format, since there is the best format for us. Please note that we will finish up a review of physical version faster. If you want me to post my review within a certain time period, please say so. :)

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