Sunday, March 11, 2012

ARC Review: Dangerous Waters by Gregory Mone

Published Date: March 13, 2012
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Source: Raincoast Books
Format: Paperpack
Pages: 240

A stowaway, a stolen book, a murderous villain: an adventure on the most famous shipwreck in history.

The great ocean liner Titanic is preparing to cross the Atlantic. On board is a sinister thief bent on stealing a rare book that may be the key to unlocking infinite treasure, a wealthy academic traveling home to America with his rare book collection, and Patrick Waters, a twelve-year-old Irish boy who is certain that his job as a steward on the unsinkable ship will be the adventure of a lifetime. Disguises, capers, and danger abound as the ship makes its way toward that fateful iceberg where Patrick will have to summon all his wits in order to survive.

First of all I loved all the different point of views. The characters were very lovable. I really loved James; he seemed like a perfect big brother. Though there were a lot of names to remember in the first two chapters that it can get a little confusing.
The book is quite descriptive but it still left me thinking up my own idea of the setting. The Titanic is beautifully described.
The book didn't have the amount of suspense as I hoped. It was good, but it definitely didn't blow me away. I wish Greg could had played more with the secret. Go crazy! But everything was just so tone down. I want to feel the rush of fighting the bad guys, I want to feel the air burning in my lungs when the characters are running. I wanted more mind games, more betrayal, more mystery. A good example of a series that contained all that mentioned is the 39 Clues series. It is just a pleasure to read all the books.
When I was half way through the book, I kept on wondering what lay in the other half because I felt the first half was just introduction, nothing big happened. I though that Gregory stuffed the second half with the big secrets, but he didn't. Nothing really made me gasp with surprise. Plus I wanted Greg to talked about the poor passengers, and the trimmers. Greg, I think a good book will be a book on the trimmers :) And YA authors, maybe write one with romance in it. :P That I would love to read.
When I hit the 75% mark, the Titanic hit the iceberg. Only when the Titanic got hit did I felt an emotion. I panicked because of the dramatic irony in the book. I also almost tear up when I read about how hard working James was. I think I would love to have James as my boyfriend :p. Ok, back to the Titanic. So when the Titanic hit, it got a little bit more suspenseful but I was disappointed at the lack of imagination Greg had. The whole Titanic scene was almost the same as the movie Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio, but even the movie had more action with Rose trying to save the locked up Jack.

 I do have to say, the ending just made me cry! I wanted to save Titanic from sinking. I wanted to get a boat to save all the passengers. I want to swim to pick all of the poor souls out of the water, but I can't :'(.

The epilogue was beautifully written. I wanted to cry even more. :'(

If I read this book a few years ago I might had loved it but nowadays I find that there are way more amazing books.

Overall, the book was just a little disappointing, 3.5 out of 5.

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