Monday, May 28, 2012

The Star by Javi Araguz & Isabel Hierro

“The Star” (La Estrella)

Authors: Javi Araguz & Isabel Hierro
Pages: 318
Genre: YA, fantasy, greenpunk, dystopia, romance, adventure.
Published in: 20 countries in Spanish and Portuguese.

The boy’s eyes glittered so strongly, presaging an imminent rupture of The Quietude. Lan was perfectly aware of the prohibition of touching a Star Walker, but right now there was no turning back as their fates had inevitably been sealed off.
Centuries ago a catastrophe turned Linde into a hostile place; since then, the survivors have learned to live in isolation within the boundaries of the Safe Limits. But, the planet is constantly subjected to a change in shape and people are lost, never return. After a violent planetary transformation, Lan, a courageous girl from Salvia clan, wakes up in the middle of the desert, only to be rescued by her worst enemy.
A young man marked by a curse.
A village hiding the biggest secret ever to be kept.

love as dangerous as it is impossible.
A world whose surface is forever undergoing changes… when getting lost is the equivalent of death.

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  1. Bloody hell! Hope you can have this book in your language soon. I love it!!! (well, I speak Spanish, so I gave it a try and it was stunning!)
    I'm helping to request it. You deserve to read it.

    1. Thank you so much! :D OMG I want to read this soooo freaking bad! :O *squeals* :3


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