Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Be Pretty Contest: Win a Designer Prom Dress

You read the title right. Win a Designer Prom Dress. Lisa Burstein is celebrating the upcoming release of PRETTY AMY, and to sweeten the pot, 3 Phoebe Couture Evening Dresses are being given away.


PRETTY AMY starts on a prom night that goes horribly and hilariously wrong. Prom night or any special night doesn’t always go as planned. There is a lot you can’t control: the weather, your date’s breath and sometimes even the whim of a policeman.

Luckily, you can control the way you look and PRETTY AMY wants you to look good.
Designer good. $200 Designer good!

Just look at these jaw dropping amazing gorgeousness! (note the blue is in fire-engine red and the pink is in mint green)

I am in LOOOVEEE with these dresses! I wish I can win because I am graduating this year, coincidence? Sadly, yes, but I can just pretend it was a special thing for me :P

To celebrate PRETTY AMY entering the world on May 15th! I am giving away 3(!) Size 8 Phoebe Couture evening dresses, generously donated by Kay Unger and 2(!) $20 Sephora gift cards.
4 lucky people will win! Contest starts 4/17 and goes until 5/17

To make this even MORE fun, some brave Entangled authors, editors, publicists and interns have given me their prom photos. I will be posting them on my Facebook page over the next month as well!

Enter at  Lisa Burstein’s website!

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  1. OMG I seen this last night too!! Would LOVE the yellow one followed closely by the pink one!! I mean how pretty are they!!??


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