Friday, April 13, 2012

[Review] H2O: the Novel by Austin Boyd and Brannon Hollingsworth

Published Date: Octorber 10th, 2011
Publisher: Living Ink Books
Source: The author
Received Format: Paperpack
Pages: 266

H2O is a contemporary crossover women’s novel that tells the story of Kate Pepper, a successful young business woman in Seattle whose life is suddenly—and strangely—turned upside down. Unexplainable visions torment her every time she gets wet. Sinking into despair, frantic to avoid water at any cost, Kate ultimately finds romance and redemption through the advice of simple people who love her for who she is, not what she was.
Kate Pepper has it all . . . a razor-sharp intellect, perfect health, stunning beauty, a wildly successful career, and all the money she can spend. Or rather, she thinks she has it all.
Despite the perfect shell, there’s something dark inside Kate. Terrible visions send her into a deep depression and her world crumbles. All her business savvy and elite connections don’t make a difference; she has lost control.
Who will save her? Xavier, her predatory boyfriend? Or Candice, the Down syndrome waitress at her favorite coffee shop? At the bottom of her dark well, desperate to get out of the water, there’s nowhere to reach but up.
H2O—a fascinating allegorical look at success, sanity and spiritual redemption in a young woman’s relationship with water.

My Thoughts:
Brannon was super nice to provide me a copy of this book for a honest review. :)

This book is very descriptive, a lot of imageries. I felt like I was there and feeling the pain of the character. Something it can get disturbing/uncomfortable at sometimes because I am feeling too much. The words paint the images so vividly. I must applause the writers, the writing is a masterpiece! I am not even kidding!!! It just make me shiver every time when I read a beautifully crafted sentence, which is so often that if someone saw me reading this book, I probably look like I'm convulsing. :p

This book seriously need to be on a school reading list for older grades. I remember having a bad list of books to pick from when I was in grade 12 and was forced to read one and do a project on it. It was tortuous, if only this book was available then I believe I would had a better time with the English course.

This is a powerful story with characters that change you. I really disliked Xavier, I would never want a boyfriend like him. I suppose he kind of redeemed himself, but still. Kate is so strong and powerful but the same time have a connectable qualities to her.

This book is definitely worth reading!


  1. i have seen this one a couple of times on goodreads
    tnx 4 the gr8 review


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