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[ARC Review] Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

Sysnopsis via Goodreads:
Galen, a Syrena prince, searches land for a girl he's heard can communicate with fish. It’s while Emma is on vacation at the beach that she meets Galen. Although their connection is immediate and powerful, Galen's not fully convinced that Emma's the one he's been looking for. That is, until a deadly encounter with a shark proves  that Emma and her Gift may be the only thing that can save his kingdom. He needs her help--no matter what the risk.

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This book is hilarious!! I wish every book can start out like this! Emma and Chloe is a match made in heaven. They play off each other's personality and I find it very funny and amusing. :D The plot is amazing. It is not slow. I gasped at the end of some of the chapters.

 I couldn't stop reading! I was totally singing the phrase "Fan-flipping-fastic".

I love how Anna included the death of someone Emma loves and not just say "oh I'm Emma, my blah, blah, blah died, now I have to move to this new town...". Anna incorporated the death within the novel and where the audience can see and feel what really happened. It was such a breath of fresh air!

I do have to say I wasn't a fan of the conversation in the beginning. Okay, I don't know how to put this, but I'll try. There are conversations between characters that sounds too  "mean-girls-like". You know when those mean girls said "Oh my god, Shut. Up." you know that kind of teen-like tone. There were conversations that gave me the tone like that. 

Others might complain Emma whined a bit much, but I felt like she expressed just enough emotions.

Galen sounds so gorgeous! I mean being a royal totally helps too! Galen is perfect! *swoon!*

The teacher in the school is just hilarious, (partially because he reminds me of someone), Galen too! I also love how he is 20, not the typical 18 in most YA. *major swoon!* I just love all the characters! They all have something a little different, but they are all sassy and funny. :) I can't emphasis enough how I LOOOOVEE ALL the characters!!! HOLY CRAP RIGHT?! I NEVER, and I mean NEVER, love every characters in a book. Main characters are super hard to love but this book, I loved them. I like Emma, and Galen. I love Toraf and Rayna! I REALLLY love the relationship between Rayna and Toraf, they remind me of Artemis and Wally from Young Justice. Spitfire FTW! :3 I also enjoyed Emma and Galen's relationship, they were cute. Rachel is just so "Garcia-From-Criminal-Minds", AWESOME!
My reaction to Galen and Toraf

Anna Banks' tone is very likable! And all the awards to this book!! It has cat-fight and awesome guys!! I don't know how to explain it, Galen and Toraf are amazing friends; their conversations are always fabulous to read!

Okay, there is only one thing that is predictable but it is okay :p.

You know when you read a fabulous book and don't know how to describe the epicness? You just kind of feel it, the rush, the excitement? Well this book definitely gave me that feeling, definitely a buy-it-full-price type of book!

The mystery, the suspense, and the magic just takes my breath away! I love the Houses! I love all the evils! I love the sea! I love absolutely everything about this book! 

This book has the perfect balance of everything. I can only describe it as the professor in Power Puff Girls did "add a little of happiness, sunshine, rainbow and chemical X", but that chemical X is EPIC AWESOMENESS!!! 


This book is worth buying a billion copies and stacking them into your own underwater land. :3

This book in one gif?
And my reaction to Anna Banks?


  1. LOL Oh my gosh this is the best review I've read in a long time! I want to read this one even more now. *thumbs up*

  2. Hi! Stopped by after seeing you on RazOrbill. Loved your review and especially the vid clips!!! New follower now.


  3. I had to get an account on Blogger, just to comment on your lovely reviews :)
    I LOVED this book, thank you so much for letting me borrow it :D
    I totally agree with your review. First off, I thought this book was so funny. Honestly, from the first chapter, I was laughing (my mother, who never laughs when reading books, was giving me the 'my daughter is strange' looks :P. There was a line after Emma bumped into Galen that was like “Maybe he's waiting for me to regain my balance. Maybe he's waiting for me to regain my pride. I hope he has all day.” and I was totally hooked after that. lol, you guys thought I was such a fast reader - I'm not. I just usually stay up really late reading.

    The teacher reminded you of someone... someone I might know? I can't think of who you mean.
    The characters were a-ma-zing, and I loved Rayna & Toraf's relationship. Mostly because I loved Toraf so much :D

    And the cliffhanger at the end... ARG. NOT FAIR, I DON'T WANT TO WAIT A YEAR!

    I've got more to say, but this comment is already long enough. We shall finish this discussion (or my fangirling) at school :)

    1. We definitely need to talk in school :D Sarah, welcome to the world of fangirls! :D


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