Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[Review]Identiy Crisis by Brad Meltzer

Identity CrisisIdentity Crisis by Brad Meltzer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Synopsis via Goodreads:
The most talked-about and successful miniseries of 2004 the story that has created ripple effects throughout the DC Universe for many years to come is now available in a stunning hardcover volume! New York Times best-selling author Brad Meltzer (GREEN ARROW) teams with artists Rags Morales & Michael Bair (WONDER WOMAN) and cover artist Michael Turner (SUPERMAN/BATMAN) to deliver an all-too-human look into the lives of super-heroes, and the terrible price they pay for doing good. 

When the spouse of a JLA member is brutally murdered, the entire super-hero community searches for the killer, fearing their own loved ones may be the next targets! But before the mystery is fully solved, a number of long-buried secrets rise to the surface, threatening to tear apart and divide the heroes before they can bring the mysterious killer to justice.

Bonus features include extended commentary by Meltzer and Morales, the rest of the creative team talking about their favorite moments, a look at Morales's sketchbook and more!

My Feels:

OH DEAR GOD! I knew things were going down in this but I just can't...OMG


I love it but it hurts!!! SUUUUEEEEEE!!!

*After taking a few breaths*
Even if you don't know the relationship behind Elongated Man (Ralph) and Sue, you will feel the hurt from this comics. There was also a lot of conflicts and tension between the league that made this interested to read. I am sorry I don't have much to say about got to read this to understand. I can barely write up a review...A must read!

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