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[Review + Giveaway] Waterspell

Date Published: November 2011
Drawn into the schemes of an angry wizard, Carin glimpses the place she once called home. It lies upon a shore that seems unreachable. To learn where she belongs and how to get there, the teenage traveler must decipher the words of an alien book, follow the clues in a bewitched poem, conjure a dragon from a pool of magic -- and tread carefully around a seductive but volatile, emotionally scarred sorcerer who can't seem to decide whether to love her or kill her. 

First note, I am a HUGE fantasy fan! :3 When the book started, I just knew I was going to love it.

As for Carin, she immediately reminded of characters from Storm Glass by Maria V Snyder, The Seven Realms by Kristin Cashore, and even The Demon King by Cinda William Chima.

Verek reminded me of Beast from Beauty and the Beast. He was strong, powerful, but very "awkward". He was definitely troubled. But unlike Beauty and the Beast, Carin and Verek don't just opening up to each other, which I liked. It just made everything more realistic. I loved how a lot of the intensions either more Verek or Carin were misread by the two characters. I am so glad that they were not mind readers! Yes ladies, this is one of those low cooker type of book in the romance department. Yes I like it, but I do hope the relationship will be more developed in the next book.

I really enjoy the premise of the book. I really love a good quest novel. And I mean when you add magic to any book, it just makes the book ten times better! For some reason, I feel like with magic, everything is less predictable. I adore the world building of the novel. It just felt like a thin mist crawling in and start rearranging the landscape. Everything was so detailed and full of imagery that I just have to appreciate Deborah's abilities.

The book was like a good TV show. It just keeps me guessing and at the end of each chapter it felt like I was at the end of an episode and I was dying to know what happened next. And of course, the "season finale" was the end of the this book. CLIFF HANGER ALERT!

Fantasy fans, you are in for a treat!

About Deborah:

Castles in the cornfield provided the setting for Deborah J. Lightfoot’s earliest flights of fancy. On her father’s farm in West Texas, she grew up reading extraordinary tales of adventure and reenacting them behind tall ramparts of sun-drenched corn. She left the farm to earn a bachelor of science degree in journalism and write award-winning books of history and biography, including The LH7 Ranch (University of North Texas Press) and Trail Fever (William Morrow, New York). High on her Bucket List was the desire to try her hand at the genre she most admired. The result is WATERSPELL, a complex, intricately detailed fantasy that begins with Book 1: The Warlock and Book 2: The Wysard, and concludes (for the present) with Book 3: The Wisewoman. But a legal pad filled with notes and tucked away in a desk drawer suggests a possible Book 4 before the saga may fairly be said to be finished.

Deborah is a professional member of The Authors Guild. She and her husband live in the country south of Fort Worth, Texas. Find her online at www.waterspell.net.

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  1. I've been reading too many post-apocalyptics as of late. I'm looking forward to reading this one! Fantasy was and will always be my favourite genre <3

  2. I love Maria Snyder and Kristen Cashore, so I think I will enjoy this one! Definitely on my TBR list!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Neat sounding fantasy book.
    It's rather cool that Deborah lives south of Fort Worth. I just recently moved to Missouri from Fort Worth.

  4. Thank you, FireStarBooks, for hosting this stop on my blog tour, and special thanks for the wonderful review! I'm delighted that you liked it.

    Courtney, Leanne, and Lisa, I've enjoyed reading your comments. Thanks for stopping by, and good luck in the giveaway!

    Lisa, I have cousins in Missouri. It's a beautiful state. You may be glad you're there this summer when it's 115 degrees F. in the shade at Fort Worth. One thing we do really well in Texas is BAKE! :-)

  5. Sounds great! I'm a fan of fantasy books as well. :)

  6. This book sounds great. I love fantasy book. Must read this book :)

  7. Thanks for the giveaway! Crossing fingers this def goes on my tbr list! <3 Tobi


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