Monday, July 2, 2012

Week 1 with SpineBenders: Introduction

Hi guys, so some of you who watched my Stacking the Shelves video a few weeks ago or follow me on twitter knows that I am in a YouTube vloggers collaboration. And basically we are called...

The group consists of Cathee, Malyza, Paige, Parajunkee, Savy, and I. :) Cathee was nice enough to contact everyone and started this whole thing. Malyza came up with the beautiful name. Parajunkee made all the cool logo and intros. Savy helped convert the intro into .mov ;). So the whole gist of SpineBenders is that we post videos on certain given days. I post my videos on Saturday. And each week we will discuss a topic. And the first week has past. So I am basically making a post about it...

So if you haven't already, go subscribe to us: YouTube Channel: SpineBenders

And here is what basically happened in the first week:


Cat - Tuesday
Parajunkee - Wednesday 

Paige - Thursday

Malyza - Friday
Me - Saturaday

Savy - Sunday

So I hope you guys stay tuned for more. We will begin talking about why we started blogging/vlogging tomorrow. :) Don't forget to subscribe to us.

Oh yeah, go follow these awesome bloggers and vloggers.
Malyza | Paige | Savy | Cat

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  1. Malzya: I live in NC too! :O Sorta small town...mostly we are bars or car dealerships...once upon a time, on 95 - the highway ;D there was a sign that said "Home of the KKK." Lol. But anyway, I giggled when you talked about the KKK and had to tell you I feel your pain...although, I am not really...not white, I dunno. I take after my great x 2 grandmother who was fullblooded Native American. And I have to laugh hard when people say they are part of the KKK around here, I hate to crap anyone, but no one is pure white anymore. D: WE ALL BE MUTTS YO.

    Parajunkee: I love you. That is all. I would be your minion if you would let me roll around on them thurr books. <3 I want bookshelves like those, my boyfriend has to support my habit since I quit my job and am a full time student now, so I hear about how expensive it is all the time. BUT the good thing is, every time he messes up and I get mad at him, he buys me a book to make it all better...needless to say, I get mad at him a lot. D:

    Savy: I giggled at your opening. That is all. :3

    Well, anyway, welcome everyone! Cannot wait to hear more from you all!


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