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Manga Review: Gakuen Alice, Vol 01 by Tachibana Higuchi

Gakuen Alice, Vol. 01 (Gakuen Alice, #1)Gakuen Alice, Vol. 01 by Tachibana Higuchi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay, this is basically my first time reviewing manga...this is not going to go well.

Hey Sarah! An actual physical copy! :P Told you I will request the hell out of the library.

Oh and Shreya, I love you very much!  Thank you for introducing this to me. <3

I should've read this a long time ago but yeah...kind of got dragged into more manga/anime stuff with my friends. So where do I begin with the review...

I really liked the manga. The characters seemed interesting...some odd but definitely interesting. Oh yeah, *warning* I will use the word weird and interesting a lot throughout this review.

Mikan...well she was really your typical manga type of girl. She was ummm...the happy, bubbly character. But she cried a lot as well. I mean i know her best friend Hotaru kind of abandoned her but still. More on Hotaru later. Mikan of course is very special which didn't appeal to me. -_-

Hotaru was a...well...mysterious character. I don't know what was up with her. She was very "dead" like. She didn't really show much emotions. She was indeed an interesting one...very intriguing.

Oh god Narumi sensei. O_O Yeah, this was a weird manga... He was...weird. But I love him. Really, I do. (In fact I love all the teachers because they are so mysterious.)

Natsume was your typical bad boy with a background. I don't really know how I feel about him. Some of the things he did was...(this review is really not turning out well) "interesting"...*cough cough* the panties thing.

Luca was adorable. I mean he and Natsume...GAYYYYY (well probably not...but desperately hoping they are.

My favourite quote from this volume is...
"If you don't smile, then I won't either. I don't want to be happy, if you're still in agony." (Luca to Natsume) GAAAYYY! (Really I am hoping they are gay)

Okay, I think I will definitely read on. I mean it is a pretty interesting (yes I said it again) manga.
Oh and Shreya...


  1. I don't know who this Sarah is...but..:P She can't steal you from moi! >.<!

    AND LOOOOOL, yah Mikan and the ENTIRE series will get soo much better as you go along. Trust me, this book isn't all unicorns and rainbows, just you wait! AND NO. I REFUSE. THEY ARE NOT GAY. IN FACT. It's a love triangle :P My OTP is MikanXNatsume and I refuse to believe that my Natsume-chan is GAY! Mega Gay, or whatever! ;D


    Chocolate Coated Reviews

    1. Ahahahahahahahaha! Trust me, no one can replace you :D

      lolol Mikan and Natsume is totally going to get together! ( gay dream). Wait, now I want to know what love triangle! Ohhh now I wish I have the next few volumes! (Damn my expired library card). I can tell this is going to get good. :D

  2. Lol, you bust out that library card! the OPL won't know what hit 'em. I've got so many books on hold right now at the library, but I'm like number 85639 in line for all of them >:( I don't think I'll be getting those before I leave for London. But maybe I'll to get a book blog of my own this year, so we can share some reviews (I also need to practice my writing more often, and I'm so lazy about posting reviews on Goodreads.)
    So I have to admit, I don't understand most of this review, but the... panties thing? WHAT are you reading, young lady?!
    On another note, I think you'd be very proud of me... Today, I finished my first graphic novel. (not kidding when I say first, I didn't read a single comic as a child) Granted, it was not a manga; it was a memoir, BUT STILL. It was a graphic novel nonetheless, and I loved it :)

    Ps - I've been voting for your cover in the contest! I love your design.

    1. SARAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! DON'T LEAVE FOR LONDON! (That will be my starting sentence every time okay?) :] LOL I checked out so much stuff last time that the library had to have a whole shelf dedicated to my holds. :S Eek!

      Ohh!! Please start your own book blog! OMG OMG OMG! And tell me when you do! I need to be your first follower! *jumping up and down* So when you become famous, make sure to tell everyone that I was your first follower and your biggest fan, okay? And Sarah...*glares* PUT YOUR REVIEWS UP ON GOODREADS! *end of glaring*

      AHAHAHA! The whole panties thing...well I think you should read the manga itself to find out. My blog doesn't contain spoilers ;P. Mwahahaha~ (Let's hope my evil tactics of tricking Sarah to read manga will work.)

      Ohhhh lol your first graphic novel! GOLD STAR! Wait, scratch that, a GOLD OLYMPIC MEDAL! And wait, you never read a single comic as a child? Did I somehow missed read that? Excuse me sister! You deprived child! I will hook you up! (lol kidding, I never read much comic either ;P the only thing I read was Detective Conan manga, and yes I was obsessed.)

      Oh and thank you so much for voting. Did my face scared you? I'll have you know that I will come after you like that if you leave for London. :}

  3. Wow Ashley this is amazing. By the way there's an anime to this too and i got the first five volumes if you want to borrow them.
    P.S pwetty pwetty pweeeeese review the manga I lent cause it'll make me super happy that hey were put to good use instead of sitting in a box under my bed. ^w^
    -Yuki.Y (It's Jenn if you don't remember the my Japanese name i've been using since 7th grade)

    1. ahahahahhahaaaha okay! :D I can't believe you remembered my blog even though I just mentioned to you once really quickly xD *hides* And yes Yuki ;) How can I forget? :D I'll try my best to read them as soon as possible :) I just finished the second volume of this and I have a few library manga to go through but I will start on your manga reeeeaaallly soon! :) Love you!


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