Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: Hearts of Darkness by Kira Brady

In the first of a dazzling new romantic trilogy, one woman’s courageous search plunges her into a millennia-old supernatural war—and an irresistible passion…

Nurse Kayla Friday has dedicated her life to science and reason. But for her, Seattle is a place of eerie loss and fragmented, frightening memories. And now the only clue to her sister’s murder reveals a secret battle between two ancient mythologiesand puts Kayla in the sights of lethally-sexy werewolf mercenary Hart. He’ll do whatever it takes to obtain the key to the Gate of the Land of the Dead and free what’s left of his soul. But seducing the determined Kayla is putting them at the mercy of powerful desires neither can control. And as the clock ticks down to hellish catastrophe, the untested bond between Kayla and Hart may lead to the ultimate sacrifice.

*An arc was provided by the amazing Kensington Books for an honest review. Thank guys~*

Hart was your typical good looking dude with an attitude and a sense of humor. He was damaged. He was the guy who did bad things and basically needed a female (Kayla) to see pass that evil. He was the type of character that was strong and will protect the girl (Kayla) no matter what.

Kayla was your strong-but-actually-weak female lead. She reminded me of Olivia Dunham at first with her need to find things out, and needed to protect people.

But as I read on, she became someone like Orihime, who was a goody two shoes. She trusted people who I think I wouldn't trust right away. She was innocent and pure. She needed to be rescued by others (yeah, definitely Orihime). I'm sorry to say, I'm not a fan of Orihime typed character.

The creatures were well described. Can you imagine seeing a man sized crow? That would be a sight! Dragons! WOOT. My favorite mythical creature. I really enjoyed how Kira weaves myths, and legends in the book. It was a joy to read. Along with myths, Kira was able to update the old into the new. A lot of the things mentioned (such as technology) were very updated (think of CIA tech).

The action started about 10 pages in. The fighting was well described, Kira provided enough details for readers to understand but not too much to bored us. I do have to say the beginning of the book was quite predictable so it was easy to skim through.

The hidden war really reminded me of Bleach with the battles between Soul Reapers and Hollows. There was a gate and it was weakened. Ghosts and such destroyed a lot of the city. Humans were unaware of all the fighting. Seattle was really described as a place that every reasonable person should be scared of. A lot of the settings reminded me of the show Supernatural (especially the ones with vampires, and the Alphas) but also Gotham City but with a Steampunk and Victorian twists.

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  1. Girl I love romances too!!!!! They're my totes fav. We should start a fifty shades book club! :D <33333333
    The inseparable bonds twining these two together just breaks my heart. My husband isn't anything like this. I want to be the Kayla to his hart (get it?! ;))


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