Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Manga Review: Gakuen Alice, Vol 02 by Tachibana Higuchi

Mikan is officially admitted into Alice Academy, but things still aren't exactly going smoothly. Natsume still bullies her, her class ranking couldn't be lower, some of the teachers are outright hostile and she has been forbidden to contact anyone outside of the school! Will she be able to find true friends at the academy, or will Mikan be betrayed by the only people she still trusts?

Overall, I think this is a great manga series. After reading the first two volumes I can see a lot of potential for this. This manga really reminds me of n YA paranormal academy series. There are so many blank spots on the canvas right now that I can't wait to see the finished product. I shall now ramble some random thoughts that popped into my mind while reading this volume.

Mikan has the personality of Naruto. Her never-give-up attitude is adorable. She can be funny, silly, and just damn sweet. When she cries, you can't help but awww a little. Haha, I am not surprise that the panties incident got mentioned again. (Sarah, if you want to know what this incident is about, read Gakuen Alice ;P)

I think my favourite character so far is Luca. I don't know there is just something sweet about him that makes him adorable. (Shreya darling, is the love triangle between Luca, Mikan, and Natsume? Please tell me it is not that cliche. :3) *I hope this is not spoilery* Luca is adorable in a girl's uniform. 

It is cool to learn about the ranking system and the classes for different Alices. It is nice to see how the school works but of course more mystery is thrown in as well. I love the mystery behind the school (I can totally see Tachibana Higuchi grinning as I suffer with the suspense) and Natsume. Ummmm...SUSPENSE! *dies* 

Oh yeah. Jinno sensei is strict! I don't to have him for a teacher. ( ̄◇ ̄;)

And ohhhh~ I wonder who is the girl that Narumi sensei is thinking of... (I can die from anticipation...)

Helllooo Tsubasa Andou. His ability totally reminds me of Shikamaru's (and I LOVE Shika). 

Yeah, once again, that is not really a good review. It is so hard. :P You will probably see more of these type of "I'll-just-put-things-that-just-randomly-popped-in-my-head" reviews. Alright~ Hopefully I can read more of this series. It is great at this moment. I just hope there will be breathtaking epicness coming that will promote this to a 5 starred series. :)

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