Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Billion Thanks in One Year

Can you guys believe it?! FireStarBooks have been official alive for ONE YEAR!!

I have met many friends throughout this one year and I would like to name some of them! Note that this is not in order of awesomeness, they are ALL awesome! :D

Lynn. What can I say about Lynn? A HORRIBLE INFLUENCER! :P Love you dearly. Thank you for introducing me to the world of manga and anime. Now I am obsessed  Even my sister knows about you. My sister: "Is this Lynn again?" Oh and thank you for being my senpai. I know you don't like feeling old but pfft, I am still going to bring it up. :P
Gianne You gorgeous little beast. I am your senpai so you shall forever listen to me. :P Makao FOR LIFE! OTP!!
Shreya aka my husband :P You are the light to my shadow and my leaf. ;P Thank you for introducing Gakuen Alice to me <3 I still think Luca and Natsume are cute together :P
AD Starrling (Hopefully I will be as cool as you when I am older :P) <---I swear AD, you are the coolest person I ever met! You always brightens up my day. :)
Kristie My fellow Merlin lover.
Sheenah for all your recommendations on manga and anime and just being adorable. Knit a Mako scarf for me too!
Jacquelynne for being adorable and a hardcord Merlin fangirl. <333
Giselle @ Booknerd Canada for being my idol and welcoming me on my first post :D You are my favourite blogger :P
Annabelle, who surprised me with her knowledge of Kuroko ;P and being SUCH a sweet cutie!
Jenny @ YA Novelties, who I shared countless anime/manga/bookish talks. :3 Booker ;P
Ellen Oh and Elsie Chapman for being their fangirling selves! <3 I am still waiting on the Ellen and Elsie Show <3 And yes, thank you for fangirling over anime, manga, yaoi, Avatar with me.
Alex Lidell for being awesome! I will forever be your cadet.
Matt Curtis for not judging me :P
Jamie Evans for being Walsh and writing amazing stories :3
Liz R for loving the things I love. Merlin, Sherlock, Avatar, Young Justice...<3
Anna Banks for writing Of Poseidon.
Michelle @ The Passionate Bookworm for making wonderful book-ish stuff :3
Monica, Lena, Eileen for being super fun to talk to <3
Natasha Slight for just being so kind and awesome!
Tiffany Mahaffy for being an amazing friend!! <3 I miss you girl! <3
Cheryl Rainfield for writing fabulous books.
Anna Billings, Chapter x Chapter, Xpresso Reads, CatheeAprilJustin, Veronica Morfi, and Evie for inspiring me.
Samual for being one of the first to welcome me to this wonderful community.
Chandra Rooney for just being...pratically my clone.
Cory Beatty for being a DC fanboy like me :P
Cinda William Chima for writing brilliant books.
Mary Lindsey for loving Avatar <3
Rachel E Fisher for loving tennis.
Laura Florand for writing romantic books about Paris :)
Jessica R, Teresa Salvatore for being my newest friends :D

Raincoast BooksChapters Indigo, Harper Collins Canada, Penguin Canada, Harlequin Teen, Simon & Schuster Canada, Random House Canada, HBG Canada, Kensington Books, Quirk Books, Little Brown & Co , Hyperion Teens, Thomas Allen & Son, Razorbill, Bloomsbury Walker, HMH Kids, Sourcebook Fire, St. Martin's Press, and Entangled Teen for just being fantabulistically awesome and for providing me a year full of books and joy.

I probably missed tons of people I want to thank but really, I want to thank you ALL for being a part of this adventure with me. It had been full of happiness, and joy. The memories I made with all of you are magical and will stay with me forever. Thank you all for reading and supporting. Let's make it to a thousand years!


  1. Girl, congrats on One Year! I'm so happy for you and I hope you have many more years to come! <3333 Your energy for all things books, manga, and Merlin make me smile every day!

    Chapter by Chapter

    1. AWWWWWW thank you sooo much MaryAnn. Hahaha, I am glad my fangirling can make you smile :D <33

  2. Yay, Ashley! One year is huge so congrats, girl! And thank YOU for being so fun to chat with. Let's keep up the anime, manga, and yaoi talk in 2013, too! And as for the Ellen and Elsie show, I'm so glad we haven't scared you away yet! Congrats again!

  3. Aww Ashley! Thank you so much for including me :D You are the cutest, and your enthusiam for books gets me to fangirl all over again! Here's to many more years in book blogging *cheers*

  4. GAH!!!! I ADORE YOU OH SO MUCH WITH UNCONDITIONAL LOVE WIFEY!!! Congrats on a year-long (and more to come) journey in the realm of books! The fact that you have so many people to thank shows how much the we online peeps love you ;) I enjoy my twitter chats with you, and HEY! You should appreciate Lynn's bad influence on you! LOL. and finally *cough* those publishers you thanked makes me choke with envy* XD Haha, see? You have the entire publishing and blogging world wrapped around your tiny Canadian finger ;)

    To an another happy year of our marriage!
    Your Hubby AKA
    The shadow to your light

    BE THE LEAF!!!!! C:

    Love ya cupcake!

  5. Ashley, it's been a pleasure to "meet" you! I'm glad you enjoy the Paris Chocolate books. (Or "Amour et Chocolat" as the publisher calls the series.) Congratulations on your first year! It's been a huge one.

  6. Congratulations, Ashley! You're an amazing blogger and you deserve all the love from your fans of which I am happy to be one of them. ;)

    Wishing you many more years of blogging!!!


  7. Congratulations on a year of blogging! Wow! You have accomplished a lot in one year and it was great to read about all the bloggers that you have met who have helped yoou along the way. Wishing you many good books to read and lots of great blogging in your future. :)

  8. Woo hoo!! Congrats on one year of blogging!!! I hope you'll stick around for many more years as I enjoy reading your blog =)


  9. Congrats! All my fav bloggers' blogs are turning one! Mine too in 3 days. :)

  10. AHHHHHHHH!!!! Have been away from computer the WHOLE day and have written this message THREE times on my iphone, only to have it disappear!!!!! Modern technology, gahhhh!

    Wanted to say: Awwwwwwww! My Assshhhleyyy! Thank you so much! *sniff* It's been a privilege getting to know you and your crazy world in the last few months! Thank you for welcoming me (and my even crazier world) into your life!
    You were the first book blogger who I got in touch with and you replied! Which really made my month!:D And thank you for all the lovely new authors and bloggers I've gotten to know through the website. I'm looking forward to more 'Kawaiiiii!' and nose bleeds moments with you, my dear, sweet, insane senpai! Although we may have to watch those nose bleeds as I fear anaemia is looming on the horizon!



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