Thursday, November 29, 2012

I am in the Finals! Vote for your Favourites in the Beta Cover Contest

Hi guys, it is that time again. I was chosen to be one of the 10 finalists in the Beta cover design contest hosted by Hyperion Teens.(And yes, I am doing selfless promotion here by making my cover the biggest ;P)

Voting starts today and you can vote daily.

I started with a more romantic approach with the cover instead of sci-fi. The bird cage behind the Elysia symbolizes her nonexistent freedom. The heart symbolizes her emotions, and the motto, "I do not wish, I serve" is right above the heart, covering her emotion, (but note, the motto does not cover the whole heart). I tried to design a pattern for the fleur-de-lis that was more feminine and that matched with the birdcage. I also made sure to include the BETA tattoo she has on the back of her neck (which is partially covered). I made sure the girl I designed have fuchsia eyes and honey hair but I kept the colour fairly light in order to not contrast with her skin tone too much but still make it visible. I tried to bring the sci-fi element more in with font I used for Rachel's name, but so in the title. If you look closely the half of the title contains astronomic stars. The purpose of it was to create the illusion of this sci-fi feeling and this other worldly creation effect. I didn't go full out "sci-fi font" in order to keep a harmony with the whole piece. Also, I stayed in the pinks, fuchsia, purple tone that are present a lot in the novel. And lastly, the vintage lace fringes used at the bottom balanced out the swirls and twist at the top of the cover with the birdcage, Elysia's headpiece and of course the fleur-de-lis. I hope you guys enjoy this. <3

Other finalists:

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