Friday, November 16, 2012

Manga Review: Kuroko no Basuke Vol 12

Review: Okay, read this volume alone, in your own private place where there is no one in a mile radius of 1km. Why? Because this volume will cause animal screeching and squealing, convulsions, cosmic explosive anger, Niagra fall tears, tons of swearing and probably everything else in between.

If you loved Kiyoshi before, you will love him even more. Trust me, I said I want to marry him in this volume like 1000000 times. He gave his all to his team. It was like seeing a big brother protecting his younger brother, it was unbelievably affectionate and just heart touching. It also broke your already fragile heart.

While reading this volume, I desperately wanted to hug someone...well that defeated the purpose of reading this the middle of nowhere. Okay, let me rephrase the caution to this volume. Read this volume with a friend that won't judge you and one understand what you are going through. Oh and grab a box of tissue, so just in case you cry (if you are like me, you will), you can use it. If you are angry, you can throw it. That is a better tip. 

Oh, a side note, I love furious Kuroko. Hmmmmm... ;) One sexy devil! Ohhh! Seriously, how can you hate Kuroko. That boy is just...all sorts of perfect. And gosh, having Aomine watching this match, pure awesomeness! There were parts that just...*sigh happily* ;D And Ao, I love you.

We got introduced to a new player in this volume, Seto Kentaro...ohh~ The resemblance to Sosuke Aizen...eeks! Trust me, I am shivering all over as I write this. CREEEEPPP! You also got introduced to The Spider Web. Uggghh...I am so creeped out. Gosh I hate this team so much.

Hanamiya Makoto, yeah *sigh* you will hate him more too. Haha, no surprise. He was a BAMF though...not really in a good way. I won't say no more because it goes into spoiler territories.

Hyuga not saying *that* and doing *that*...ohhhh honey, it broke my heart! Gosh, I am crying so hard right now. Makoto, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! This volume was full of emotions! Wow oh wow! The last volume has really paved the way for this volume. Fantastic work!

Lastly, I loooooove the extras! I died laughing! It was the perfect end to this emotional, intense, heart twisting volume.

Favourite quotes, these were translated so I am not sure how accurate it fits the Japanese but it goes like this:

"If their hearts get fragile, I'll become their support. If they are threatened, I'll become their shield. I'll sacrifice myself any day to protect everyone. That's why I came back!!" ~ Kiyoshi Teppei

"...what they need isn't is trust." ~ Aomine Daiki

"I chose to fight because I believed that the basketball of "Generation of Miracles" was wrong. But they would never do anything as dirty as what you've done!!...using such methods...don't you dare ruin our senpais' - EVERYONE'S DREAMS!!" ~ Tesuya Kuroko

Kuroko: " Please don't startle me like that."

"Most likely, this year's special bracket will be the first and the last. Including the "Phantom 6th man, all of Teikou's geniuses will be gathered in one spot. This Winter Cup is an all-out-war against the "Generation of Miracles." ~ Junpei Hyuga.


  1. Aaaawwww, you've brought it all back! Kiyoshiiiiiiiiii!!!!! (AD does girly scream inappropriate for a woman of her age)

    1. LOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOL I LOOOOOVEEE YOUUUUU!!! AHAHAHAHA!! Kiyoshi is too precioussss~~~ <33333333


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