Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Waiting On Wednesday: More Than This

Man oh man, I haven't done a WOW in FOREVER! Here is one this week. :)

Wow (no pun intended) this week's WOW...well, I wish I can provide you with more info but I just can't find any. Anyway, this week's WOW is More Than This by Patrick Ness. The Chaos Walking Series didn't impact me as much compared to my sister so I want to give Patrick another chance. I have NO IDEA what the book is about (if you do, please tell me :3). The title makes it sound like a contemporary/romance novel but I really don't know. It really interest me though. It comes out September of next year. My sister is already fangirling about it and complaining about the long wait (and I think I might be too). But anyway, that was my WOW, what is your WOW this week? :)
Totally random but UOttawa Bookworms are awesome! Lookie! Our book club meeting this time is held in UCU 301...see it on the map? :D
Eh? Eh? You like?

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