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Stella Review: The Enemy (The Enemy #1) by Charlie Higson

Stella (my sister) Reviews...
The Enemy (The Enemy #1) by Charlie Higson 
They'll chase you. They'll rip you open. They'll feed on you...When the sickness came, every parent, policeman, politician - every adult - fell ill. The lucky ones died. The others are crazed, confused and hungry. Only children under fourteen remain, and they're fighting to survive. Now there are rumours of a safe place to hide. And so a gang of children begin their quest across London, where all through the city - down alleyways, in deserted houses, underground - the grown-ups lie in wait. But can they make it there - alive?

Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.

There is no way of hiding it. I've been in a major reading slump considering the last I time I finished a book, the Sun was still visible at 8 PM. With a little push from my friends, like Mama Bird pushing her babies off the tree so they can learn to fly, I picked up this book. Screw Red Bull, this book gives you wings.

I loved how intense this book was. BAM. Zombies from left. BAM. Zombies on your right. There was never a moment to calm your heart rate before something exciting happened. Since for the majority of the book, the story was told in two perspective, Maxie and Small Sam, it ensured the readers of getting two very different perspective of post-zombie-apocalypse-London. I loved that. It is like A Game of Thrones with Jon on Wall, offering us a different perspective, a completely separate adventure. I think that's why I enjoyed Small Sam's story the most. His growth from a boy who wet himself to "The Giant Killer" was sensational. His courage and determination kept me wanting more.

Oh and let's not forget about the other kids. Maxie, Ollie, Freak, Blue, Arran. I am beginning to think, the weirder their names, the cooler they are. Every one of them had their own distinctive personality so even when there are over 20 kids to keep track of, I felt like I got to know everyone. But that is not to say they were paper cut-outs. Charlie Higson did not write them as "Oh, let him be a nerd, and let's make this kid the Great Leader, and I'll just add in a badass fighter who take shit from no one." Because, secretly, like Small Sam, everyone was a nerd, a leader and a fighter. As you read on, you'll see that and begin to feel for every single one of the kids. Because, honestly, they all ultimately want to survive.

Also, I couldn't stop drawing parallels between Michael Grant's GONE series to this one. It was as if The Walking Dead and the GONE series had a love child. It had the multiple perspective that I loved from GONE, the badassness I adored from TWD, the struggle for power GONE does so well and lastly, it had the zombies.

I cannot wait to read on in this series. I love how cunning these kids are. How they are the underdogs, the losers, the leaders, the quiet-and-listen type, but at the same time, they are the hot-heads who doesn't give any effs. I'm just going to leave it here. I need calm down before I pass out. I'll just be dwelling in post-zombie-apocalypse-London if anyone needs me.  


  1. An interesting review! I like you're writing style but this book probably isn't one for me (:
    Happy Holidays.

  2. I have not heard of this before. It sounds like it would be interesting. Thank you for sharing your thought. I am happy to hear that your reading slump has passed. :)

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever


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