Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Making of "The Lost Prince" Cover

Remember how last time's Let's Judge the Book by its Cover featured the UK version of The Lost Prince? Well I just found a video on the making of that cover. It is a super interesting video so I decided to share with you all. The amount of work for the!!!


  1. It's no wonder graphic designers and artists are in high demand, look at the work they produce! All that tedious tweaking to make things look right. I was only a little bit disappointed in that a lot of what is used isn't even real. I like when things look and feel authentic, and while the cover turned out to be beautiful, it's more fantasy than realistic for me. Definitely enjoyed watching the video, not something you get to see every day...unless you search for it on youtube! haha

  2. Wow! I totally love that cover and found it amazing to see how it was made. I wish I was a good with Photoshop as that. LOL

  3. That. Was. AWESOME! They make it look so simple too. And the end result is beautiful!
    Great video :)

  4. Amazing! I got to watch my designer finish up the final cover of Soul Meaning this year via Skype! It was absolutely breathtaking to watch the process. Hopefully, I'm doing the same this weekend for the second book in the series! :D
    Thanks Ashley!


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