Thursday, January 24, 2013

Manga Review: Kuroko No Basuke 14 (Kuroko no Basuke) by Tadatoshi Fujimaki

Manga Review: Kuroko No Basuke 14 (Kuroko no Basuke) by Tadatoshi Fujimaki

Hyuga and Sasurai are hilarious!

If you are a fujoshi like me you can see the hint at the yaoi-ness. ;)

In this volume you get the explanation of the Vanishing Pass. Ohhh~

Seeing Kuroko like this......looorrddd! It breaks me!! How Kagami steps up just making this pair so shippable! Kagami x Kuroko <333 eeeee! Seriously, hold on tight because this ship is sailing full steam ahead!

Folks, we get to see Kagami's real strength!!! Gosh how he reminds me of Ichigo from Bleach!!!! DAMMMNNN!!! THE POWER, STRENGTH, SPEED!!! Ahhhhhh!!

OMG! Alex?!! What is this?!!! *FLAILS* Who is he? I want to know!!

Young Aomine!! CUTEEE! When he first met Kuroko!!! Ahhhhh! Iloveyou, iloveyou. Kuroko was adorable too!

You get to see more flashbacks! *rolls on the floor with excitement* Akashi was so badass!! <333

Shōichi Imayoshi is a badass! Omg, scaryyyy!!

Momoi is amazing too!!!

"Did he move by feeling Kuroko's breathing and rhythm!? Is such a thing even..." ~ Kagami Taiga Vol 14

"We were saved countless times already by that small back. [...] Against Aomine or not. That doesn't matter. This time I'll save him!!" ~ Kagami

"Really, I wonder why. Tetsu and I don't agree on anything else but we mesh when it's basketball." ~ Younger Aomine Daiki Vol 14.

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