Sunday, January 20, 2013

Manga Review: Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee, Volume 1 by Hiroyuki Asada

Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee, Volume 1 by Hiroyuki Asada
In Amberground, a dangerous terrain where a man-made star casts a permanent twilight, young Lag Seeing aspires to become a Letter Bee: a postman entrusted to deliver the hearts of people separated from the ones they love.

First off, THE COVER! It is GORGEOUSSS!! I love the details, the saturation, the colour! I knew I had to pick this up from all the other manga I borrowed from my friend. :3 Yes, I judge the manga by its cover.

Okay, now to the story. In the world of Tegami Bachi, it is kind of like a dystopian-ish. I mean we get the land divided into 3 sections from the rich to the poor. That trend doesn't change and it is predictable. But to me the plot is nice. I mean Letter Bees, coolio! The atmosphere reminded me of the towns in Full Metal Alchemist and it was nice. People had weird names, there were weird monsters.

For its first volume, the setting was established in a very well done manner. We got introduced to Gauche, Lag, Aria, Slyvette, and many more. The setting was great, each place interested me. I wanted to dig deeper into many of the places. The stage was set and now we needed some initiation of action. Hiroyuki did a great job leaving out mysteries for me to discover. The plot was great too. We got introduced to a "goal" and many of the things were set up to be built. And right from the start you know that this was going to be an emotional ride (and that was why I thought it Full Metal Alchemist fans will like this series).

 The art was great. I love the defined outlines, the contrast of everything. And I mean everybody looked great. I love their looks, their fashion and everything else. Can I order the Letter Bees' uniform in M pleeasee? Or make it XXXL since you know the whole Asian clothing size thing ^//////^.

I couldn't ask for a better start. I am very intrigued by this manga and I will definitely read on. I miss shonen and I am glad to have read this! And thanks Yuki for letting me borrow this series and like I don't know, let me keep it for 6 months. :3

PS: I want to watch the anime but maybe later. And Matt if you are reading this, GET OVER YOUR SUBBED FEAR AND WATCH IT ALREADY!

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