Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Eileen!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BABY EILEEN!!! You are so precious and darling to me. :) You are always so happy, kind, and fun to talk to, it is like a breath of fresh air! I feel like I could always be myself around you because you just make me at ease. You are unique, sweet, and just FRICKIN' AMAZING!! Do you know that my sister and I talks about your awesome reviews all the time?! :D

Below is a condense, paraphrased conversation between my sister and I:
"I can't write reviews. I just ramble."
"Then read some other bloggers' reviews and see how they control their reviews."
"I do! I just don't have their talents."
"You know Eileen? She is one of my favourites, and she is so young!"
"The way she word the reviews and everything! Soooo good!"

Guess what happened next? We fangirled and rambled. ;P

I always forget how I meet my friends, real life and online. But with a little internet help, I "remembered". It was June 2nd, 2012. I replied you with a simple phrase "next year!!!"

You were talking about being young and BEA. Well guess what? You did went to the BEA this year and I am so glad that you had toonnnsss of fun! :D

The next time we talked it was July 20nd during the #CoverMadnessChat. We were talking about publishers changing covers.
"#CoverMadnessChat So whatcha talking about? :D"

Next time we talked it was July 31st, I interrupted a conversation between you, Gianne, and Annabelle (both who are our friends). The conversation was about BOYS! :P
"AAHAHA! Sorry to budge in. :P I think my parents rather have me liking fictional boys."

And the next time was August 9th, when I crowned you RT Queen . :) "I shall name you the RTing Queen :)"

Ahaha, we talked about Patrick, Po from Kung Fu Panda, foooood, business cards, stupid blackberry, Chinese school, song covers etc etc! Soooo many fun memories!! :P

Speaking of song covers, YOUR SINGING!!!! <3333 Keep singing because you can sing~ :3 Heehee I stalk your YouTube all the time....*runs away*

I have known you for a year and 6 days, and you already inspired me! Being so young, yet ambitious, courageous, and EFFIN' ADORABLE-LICOUS! (O____O wow, my vocabulary). I didn't kid when I first tweeted you, "you are so adorable!". I hope we stay connected for years to come! Eileen, happy birthday! :D

PS: I haven't forgotten your question about how to make the gif...message me and I'll explain it ;P

Hop along to Readaholicz at 7:30, Lisseth has something to tell you ;)~


  1. AWWWW you are the bestest bestest bestest! I don't think my last comment showed up because it's like still on the old blogger comment thing but I LOVE YOU ASHLEY!! I can't believe you found the tweets I only remember the RT queen bit me and Annabelle share that crown teehee :D

    THANK YOU SO MUCH ASHLEY <3333333333

  2. Awwww I am loving these posts!! Eileen totally deserves all the love she's getting for her birthday. She is one of the coolest and sweetest people I've met!!

  3. Boom! Awesome post! Haha I've had the exact same conversation about Leenys reviews!!! Of course they are usually me drooling on her telling her how awesome they are! Love the gif girl! Happy birthday Eileen! Awesome post Ashley!


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