Friday, July 26, 2013

Fashion Friday: "The Ball" from Cinder - Cocktail Dresses

Soooooo I finally read Cinder by Marissa Meyer!! :O OMG LET ME JUST SAY IT WAS THE BEST BOOK I'VE READ IN A LOOOONNNNNGGG TIME!!! (And now I am having trouble writing a review of it, POOP.) I've did a cover fashion thingy for Scarlet, which can be found here but this post is just an "after I read the book" post. The post is not really inspired by Cinder' style but it does have elements of the book in it....ish.

Okay so this post will only be focus on "The Ball" and featuring cocktail dresses from since they kindly sponsored  the post. :). I've only chosen a few cocktail dresses from Maybe I will do more post using other style of dresses from them if they let me. ;P

I've broken the dresses into a few categories, first up:

The Elegant

Liked the above but not loved?

Both have similar style, with a embroidered bust and creamy coloured length. And the dress is under $170; compared to Jovani 111646, which retails at $400, I think this Cinderella can save some money to buy some parts instead.

The Sophisticated

Similar style at a shocking price! :O ($790)

The Girly Girl

The Mom
(for the moms who are like Cinder' stepmom: "The I must get my daughter noticed by the Emperor" mom. They are sassy, and fierce, so beware!)

($107.99) This totally looks like what an evil queen would wear.

The Simple

The Reds
Because of the red shoes, I thought it would be nice to put a RED category. 

The Dramatic

($191.99) This one seems to have a cyborg-ish feel to it.

($224.99) More cyborg-y dresses?

($167.99) Ohhh this one seems tough and fit for a cyborg.

And lastly, since Cinder was set in New Beijing, Qipao can't be missed.

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  1. Some of those are gorgeous! I really loved the purple frilly one!


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