Saturday, November 9, 2013

Event Recap: Ottawa Geek Market 2013

Ashley: The Ottawa Geek Market took place on October 19 and 20 this year. And for a new local geeks this small event was a perfect for a con noobs like my sister and I.
ERHMAHGARD GEEK MERKIT (Art by perishing twinkle)

Ashley: Along with my school friends, sister (Stella), and Stephanie from Paper Droids, we went early in the morning before GM started to line up. Due to the media passes, we went in early and saw the set up of some stalls. As the day moved along, there was a constant flow of people entering and exiting. For the day that we went, it rained (booo!). But never fear! Rain couldn't stopped all our geeky-awesomeness.

The first stall we went to featured the amazing work Stephen Burke.

I have a friend who does 3D modelling so I knew this was hard work. Stephen was super kind and explained and showed us his work.

Theeennnn we lost track of where we went. ^___^'' Stall after stall of amazing work, you just can't keep up.

Stella: Oh oh! For all of you out-of-towners, this is a Adult Fans of LEGO replica of the National Galley of Canada

Stella: Some awesome stencil art. 

Stella: Oh GOD! Daleks! *Takes out Sonic Screwdriver* 

Stella: Who know Daleks could be so cute?

Stella: Awwwww. :')

Stella: Onesie pajamas, anyone?
Ashley: Kigurumi Canada was there and we were alllll so tempted to buy every single onesie on display. :P 

Ashley: Stella, Stella! I want them!
Stella: *forcly drags away*

Stella: Handmade plushies! (I definitely loveeeed the AtLA ones.)
Ashley: These amazing plushies were made by the wonderful Pheleon Creations.

Stella: Some of my favourite artworks at GM! The Foaming Guy pin from the beginning of the post was also created by this girl.
Ashley: Stella! Give the credit! This is perishing twinkle.
Stella: Ah, sorry. Just got too excited. :P
Ashley: BUT YESSSSSSSS!!! I WANTED EVERYTHING!! I wish money grew on trees.

Stella: Here are some awesome leather-work and awesome steampunk goggles.
Ashley: Kingsley Armoury was one of my favourites. The details were so gorgeous! And more stuff from them:

Ashley: And looook!! Seriously! This is way too cool!

Stella: Some very detailed costumes.
Ashley: Sparx and Mace was my friend Jen's favourite. I was sooo tempted to buy some. I really liked all the dresses but I was tempted more by the amazing coats.

Stella: These guys offer sword-fighting lessons! Where is my King Arthur?
Ashley: Definitely check out Ottawa Swordplay if you want to be a medieval BAMF ;P

Stella: Some awesome anime posters. Dragon Ball Z and...I'm not sure. All I know is my sister squealed pretty hard when she saw that left poster.
Ashley: Stella, don't even lie, you know it is Black Butler >.>

Stella: I really loved the style of these Adventure Time artworks.

Stella: Ah, nothing beats the classic games section. (Maybe the comic books section has a chance?)

Stella: These Adventure Time bags were adorable! Super colour and soft to the touch.
Ashley: Liebchen Designs has the cutest little bags.

Stella: Obligatory Batman joke.

Stella: AVATARRR. (And awesome Pokemon pins.)

Ashley: Annnnd...obligatory hot guy print.

Stella: I've found the dragon balls! Can I grant my wish now?

Stella: A Hunger Games inspired pocket watch. How cool is that?

Stella: These I ♥ Yaoi and Yuri pins describe my sister perfectly. Do NOT google their meaning, if you don't know what they mean.
Ashley: Hey!


For more photos, please check out the Ottawa GM dropbox folder :P

That's it from us now. See you guys next time!


  1. I didn't notice at first who was the author of this post but when there was no commentary on the detailed costumes it was pretty clear... xD

    Cute Dalek! :D

  2. Ahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah choking!!!!!! Best comment of the year goes to... XD

  3. Excuse me Stella: "Some awesome anime posters. Dragon Ball Z and...I'm not sure. All I know is my sister squealed pretty hard when she saw that left poster."????? BLACK BUTLER.....HELLOOO!!! :3 I know you secretly know what it issssss, you anime lover :3

  4. I know more about physics than I do about these costumes. (And my physics knowledge can be beat by a 4 year old's.)


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