Friday, May 2, 2014

Fashion Friday: Book Boyfriends + The Grind Giveaway from Bonobos

You know we all have them. Not only do we have one, we have a few. Every once in a while, we can't help but pick some up along the way in our reading adventures. They range from the flashy bad boys to the shy nerdy sweethearts.

Toraf from Of Poseidon by Anna Banks. And YES! Toraf instead of Galen.

My first book boyfriend is Toraf from Of Poseidon. He is funny, sweet, a bit childish but that's what makes him super adorable!

I can imagine him in a pair of Navy Plaid Highland pants, spending a day relaxing at a seaside town. The plaid brings out the fun, goofy side of him but the deep navy keeps the look sharp and clean. The colours also connects him to his beautiful origin: the beautiful sea.
When he really wants to let loose, the Summer Weight Chino Green pants will be his go-to pair. The bright colour is just like his personality, fun and bright, fearless and strong.

Next up is Tomoe from Kamisama Hajimemashita

Ditch that yukata and step into a suit!
This Foundation Slim Cotton Navy Suit will be the perfect transition for Tomoe. The colour is even similar to his yukata! He can still maintain his tsundere appearance with the "casual" suit look. Hey! It's not like I spend a lot of time getting ready for this date or anything. Simple yet chic, flirty yet sharp, this suit will make you wish every day is a date!
Maybe the carnival will be a better date? The Washed Chinos Jet Blues oozes relaxation and cool. The dark colour will make his transition to human clothes a breeze. Classic, sexy, and just mouthwateringly delicious. Cotton candy? No thanks, I'll rather have an eye candy! 

Lastly, we have Aomine Daiki from Kuroko no Basuke.

If you can put this bad boy in a suit! OH LORD HAVE MERCY ON MY HEART!

Classic, sleek, rich and powerful. This power-forward deserves the best. The Capstone Slim Black Tux will make you wish he wore these on court instead of his jersey. The satin silk lapel just adds this extra UNF to the look. The traditional black gives off this power that translates to his abilities on the court. "The only who can beat me is me" right?
Now, Aomine probably won't be in a suit very often since he is the "I don't care" type, then what's more perfect than a pair of Premium Recycled Denim in a Dark Indigo Wash. Care-free and laid back, nothing is more Aomine than this!

And I can't talk about Aomine without talking about his boyfriend, Kise. (And don't argue with me, to me Kise is Aomine's!)
Kise Ryouta
This sexy blonde might not be a power-forward but he is fashion-forward. This Garment Dyed Chino in Khaki just SCREAMS Kise. Fun, easy-going like the small-forward. This pair defines the fashion model he deservingly is.
NOTE: I have to conclude this now because MY GOD I CAN'T POSSIBLY NAME ALL MY BOOK BOYFRIENDS (shhh! They are mine. ^___~ ) Plus it might take a lifetime. Perhaps I'll do another edition soon? It seems like all my email followers disappeared D: If you like to refollow the blog via email again, feel free to do that.

So what do you think? Who are your book boyfriends? What are their styles? What will they wear?

Like what you see? Bonobos is having a FANTASTIC giveaway right now! The prize includes a Foundation Suit, 5 Weekday Warrior pants, and 5 Daily Grind dress shirts - with a total retail value of $1,665! (Contest ends May 4th so don't miss out!)

Enter The Grind Giveaway here.
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