Monday, December 12, 2011

Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

Saturday night from 10:00pm to 6:30am, my sister and I was watching mini series Pillars of the Earth based on the book by Ken Follett. You might think we were a little crazy but once we started watching it we just couldn't stop! I remember a few years ago borrowing the book from the library and read the cover flap and immediately thought "what a confusing book!" My thought was confirmed when I first watched the first episode on TV. But this weekend my sister and I decided to relax and watch it. Holy mother of all was it good! The acting was delicious! The show was a whole suspense bundle wrapped up in a 8 hours mini series. Ken must really love females, and I say that not in a sexual kind of way. I mean Ken wrote all the female characters as the strong, confident rock that women are. They have sass, power, and control. Watching the females will literally take your breath away. And now on to the male characters. There sure was strong, dominant male characters but there were the "loser" male characters. One particular male character i loved, and it was Jack. He had a face of a model, which immediately gave him bonus points. The love he had with Ariena made them a instant OTP. Now on to Tom Builder. Tom was the type of man that woman want. He is humble, loyal, caring and anything women love. When he first stood up to William (someone that I wanted to punch every time when I saw his face), I was scared for my life but he didn't quiver. *fangirls* Oh this reminds me of a random thought that this shows have the cutest babies and children! I can't believe they found such an adorable cast! Yes there were disturbing scenes but what did you expect out of a medieval series, butterflies? The plot was twisting and captivating. I was at the edge of my seat all wrapped up in a tight bundle bundle because my house refuse to heat up above 18 degrees. In this series you can easily identify multiple symbols and motives, so if you want to read this book for school I highly recommend this. I mean if you have a background on medieval history it was be better but seriously o try it out. You can even cheat like by watching the DVDs, but please note I'm not doing this book for school so it is ok to "cheat". If you are doing or decide to do this book, READ IT! So basically this mini series was out of this world! Discs after discs my sister and I made it through the series.

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