Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Wave by Dan H. Kind (A Short Story)

The Wave by Dan H. Kind was a emotional love story about the waves on the ocean. The whole story was passionate and you feel like you are on a wave, going up and down. The descriptions were soulful and made me want to control the sea. This little short story was brilliant. Great job Dan.


  1. Aww!! That reminds me when I read books that make my heart ache. Love those kinds of books, even though I don't read short stores, but they do have their moments. Thank you for sharing! Such a beautiful scene!!

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  2. Aww, glad you liked it Sam. When the story ended, I was so sad. I wanted a full book out of it :P.

  3. Hey, I guess I'm a little late, but I just noticed this review. Thanks so much for your kind comments. As much fun as it would be to create a full novel with just ocean waves as characters, I'm not sure I could keep it interesting the whole way through:)


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