Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fashion Friday (4): The Hunger Games Edition

Hi guys! It is friday again! And that means it is Fashion Friday! If you don't know what it is, it is okay, just check my Fashion Friday page. :)

Okay, let's get down to the fashion and book! Maybe the title was a hint? ;)

Since today is day The Hunger Games hits the theatre, I kind of had to dedicate this post to it.

Below I had featured one of my all-time favourite YouTube beauty Guru, xsparkage! I love her dearly and just adored all the THG inspired makeup!

My favourites were D3, 4, 7, and 12 :)
D3's makeup just so tough and kickass! (Very steampunk!)
I just LOVE blue and D4's makeup looked almost mermaid-like, (which also links to the mermaid trend in YA books, but let's stay on topic :P)
I found that D7's makeup was just so artistic!
And D12 just had that little something in it, I don't know if it was the gold eyeliner or not, but I just LOVE it!
So enough of me talking, shall we get to the videos? ;)

Okay, at first, I wanted to have the 12 videos in this post but then the page will take too long to load. So I decided to just provide you the playlist link to the wonderful videos. Or if you just interested in one of the District, I had provided  the specific links to each of the Districts :) Fair?

The Hunger Games Inspired Makeup Playlist

So what did you think? Which one was your favourite?

P.S. What do you think of the China Glaze Capitol Colours? Which ones are your favourite? Are they worth it? I want the deets :)

P.P.S: Anne had written a blog post with more THG coolness, it includes bracelets, shirts, lip balm, and even a bowl! Go check it out! HERE!

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