Monday, May 14, 2012

[Review] Sweet Enemy by Heather Snow

Published Date: Febuary 7, 2012
Publisher: Signet
Source: Author
Received Format: Paperpack

Geoffrey Wentworth, a war hero and rising political star, never wanted to be the Earl, but when his brother dies, he knows his duty—take up the responsibility for his family’s estates. His mother’s definition of duty differs from his, however, and can be summed up in one word—heirs. When Geoffrey rushes home to answer her urgent summons, he finds himself host to a house full of women, all vying to become the next Countess of Stratford. But his love is Parliament, where he wields his influence and reputation to better the lives of ex-soldiers, until a tempting houseguest and a secret from his past threaten his freedom…and his heart.

Liliana Claremont, a brilliant chemist, doesn’t want to be any man’s wife, much less a Countess. If she had tuppence for every time she’d been told her place was filling the nursery, not experimenting in the laboratory, she could buy the Tower Bridge. However, when she receives a coveted invitation to the Earl’s house party, she trades in her beakers for ball gowns and gladly takes on the guise of husband hunter—for the chance to uncover what the Earl had to do with the murder of her father.

Liliana believes the best way to get the answers she needs is to keep her enemy close, though romance is not part of her formula. But it only takes one kiss to start a reaction she can't control...

My Review:
I LOOOOVEEDDD this book! Before I started the book, I fell for the premise of the book. I am a fan of science and when Heather contacted me, I was super excited! I have no idea why it took so long for me to review!

Yeah, have you ever read a book that everything was perfect? I love how adventurous Liliana was and she was not the stupid girl who week adventure. You know what I am talking about, she is not the girl  that you shout at the page "NO! Why would you do that! That is just so stupid!". Lilliana is super kick ass! She and the Earl, Geoffrey, love to exchange flirtatious, witty remarks. And I can tell you, I loved it! Also, I loved the manipulations of Liliana on Geoffrey and the manipulation of Geoffrey on Liliana! They were just so perfect for each other. I loved the cat and mouse game of their love. I loved how Liliana had a purpose to solve the mystery of her father and she was not only there with Geoffrey to court. Everything was perfect! The mystery of their love and mystery of Liliana's father was just sooo tempting! I had to read on and on and on!

*Sorry for taking so long to post this. It was just hard to explain how I love the book.


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