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Excerpt♥Giveaway: Blood Jewel by Georgia Cates

With the mystery of Chansey Leclaire and Curry Brennan’s connection solved, they are free to explore their newfound love for one another. Or so they thought...

When Marsala uses a witch and black magic to discover Curry’s whereabouts, he and Chansey are left with no choice. The newly engaged couple is forced to relocate away from their families at the new compound in Savannah, which causes some major changes in the plans for their upcoming wedding.

Relocating to Savannah might have saved Curry and Chansey from being discovered by Marsala, but it doesn’t stop her attempts to reach Curry or her efforts to harm Chansey through the use of black magic. As Marsala closes in, Curry faces the decision he never wanted to make. Will he keep Chansey human or condemn her to eternity as the thing he hates most?

As Curry waits for his hand to be forced, a newly turned vampire arrives at the Savannah compound in need of help. Not only is she a fledgeling in transition, she brings reports of escaping from a vampire cult still in possession of her sister, a human. Any attempt to save the captive human from a cult of vampires puts everyone in jeopardy. Can they risk entering a large cult to save one human being? And is so, how could they possibly do it successfully?

Love will grow. New mysteries will arise. A battle will ensue. A Blood Jewel will be found.

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Chapter 6 Excerpt
(Curry’s POV)

The next song was ‘Steal My Heart Away’ and I asked Chansey to dance with me. I led her onto the dance floor and cupped my right hand around hers as my left hand rested gently on her waist.
Before the vocalist began to sing the lyrics, he announced, “This next song is dedicated to Chansey from Curry and he says that every day you steal his heart away. Happy Birthday.”
Her face lit into a smile. “Thank you for making me feel so special. How did you manage to pull that off without me knowing?”
Lairah, the eternal roadie, knows the band. She suggested I bring you here after dinner because she thought you might enjoy the music.”
She nodded and said, “She was right. These guys are great.”
Lairah definitely knows music,” I agreed. “I...”
I couldn’t finish my sentence because there was something terribly wrong. I heard the whisper of a female voice as she chanted. I turned to my family to see if they heard it as well. None of them appeared phased by the soft sound of evil murmuring, which meant I was the only one hearing it.
Chansey was panicked by the look on my face. “What’s wrong, Curry?”
I felt myself break into a sweat, something I hadn’t done since I was human. My heart started racing and my head began to painfully pound behind my eyes as my vision began to blur.
“You’re scaring me. What’s happening?” Chansey demanded.
And then it happened without any warning. Twenty-two years without feeling her presence and I suddenly felt her again. It was Marsala.
My vision was worsening as the chanting became louder. I reached for Chansey’s arm. “Don’t ask me why because there’s no time, but I need you to take me to Sebastian.”
She did as I asked and didn’t question why she had to lead me toward my family and I wasted no time getting to the point, “I think Marsala is here. I don’t know how, but she has done something to me. I have an excruciating pain behind my eyes and I can’t see, but I hear her voice chanting something. It began as a soft whisper, but it’s grown louder. It feels like it’s getting closer and it’s beginning to drowned out everything else.”
I barely heard Sebastian ask, “What is she saying in the chant?”
I listened to the repetitive cycle and then repeated it for Sebastian.
“I use the bark of this white thorn tree,
To give my eyes freedom to cross the sea,
I use this spell to conjure the one I love, yet cannot find,
And like a nail, I drive my eyes into his mind,
So I may see what it is he sees,
Do you hear me coming? Soon, it shall be.”
I felt the slam of someone’s hand over my eyes. “Shut your eyes, now!” Sebastian roared at me. “Don’t open them. Someone is helping her use Black Magic to find you. She is using a spell to bind herself to you so she may take your vision as her own. That’s why you can’t see; she’s stealing your sight. She is trying to find you by identifying your surroundings. We need to look around the club to see if there is anything that would clue her to where you are.”
“Do you think this means she is close?” I asked, begging it to not be so.
“I don’t think she’s on this continent because the spell spoke of crossing the sea, but I think she will be soon if anything in this place can identify where we’re at. What were you looking at when this started?”
I thought back to the moment I noticed it beginning. “Chansey and I were dancing, so I was looking over her shoulder as we danced in a circle. That means she got a panoramic of the entire room. When I stepped back, I looked directly at Chansey’s face, so she knows exactly what she looks like. When we came to the tables, I was straining to see all of you. You know what that means.”
I heard Sully say, “Lairah and I weren’t sitting at the tables when Chansey led Curry to the tables. We were at the bar getting drinks, so she didn’t see us.”
I guess you can call it the big brother in me, but I was relieved to hear that because I didn’t want Marsala to know that Sully still existed.
I heard Sol’s voice next. “Guys, we have a problem. Look at the sign behind the bar.”
“What does it say?” I asked.
No one responded to my question.
“Somebody tell me what it says” I shouted.
Sebastian was the only one brave enough to reply. “Club Infinity on Bourbon.”
I reeled in my anger at Marsala and myself as I calmly said, “Will someone call the driver? Chansey and I have to leave New Orleans immediately.”
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