Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Excerpt♥Giveaway: Seaweed by Elle Strauss

Dori Seward can’t wait to get out of Eastcove, a sleepy fishing village on the border of New Brunswick and Maine. She bides her time by hanging out with friends, attending swim club, and holding her biggest competition, Colby–who wants more than just friendship, at arm’s length. 
Then Tor Riley comes to town and he has everything Dori dreams of in a boyfriend–looks, athleticism and mystery. 

But Tor also has a tantalizing secret and Dori is determined to find out what it is. The truth is crazier than her wildest imaginations and more dangerous, too. Dori has new enemies, and they will do anything to get to her.

Her life, her dreams and her love for Tor are all weighing in the balance. Will Dori risk it all in order to have it all? 
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Seaweed Excerpt #3

Tor and I walked along the beach where the bonfire had been, hand in hand. I held my sandals in my free hand, enjoying the feeling of sand dragging between my toes.
“Sorry for the inquisition back there,” I said.

Tor chuckled. “Actually, I expected worse.”
“Luke was in his best worst form, and I don’t know what was wrong with Nana.”
“They’re just protective of you. You’re the only girl and the youngest child; I’d be worried if they didn’t show concern when you bring boys home.”
“I don’t bring boys home. You’re the only boy.”
“What about Colby Johnston.”
Oh, what did he know about that? Or worse, what did he think he knew?
“He’s just a friend, almost like a brother.”
“I don’t think he sees you as a sister.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Guys can tell when they like the same girl. I’m sure it’s the same with girls who like the same guy.”
He had a point.
“I know Colby likes me,” I admitted. “He’s told me so, himself. I just don’t feel that way about him.”
We slowed to a stop and I looked at Tor, working up the courage to present the question I was dying to ask him.
“Well, I’m wondering if it’s okay for me to ask you for an early birthday present. I know it’s still over three weeks away, but I can’t wait.”
“Um, okay. What is it?”
“Will you take me swimming?”
I knew he heard me; he just couldn’t believe what I’d asked for, because we both knew what that meant.

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