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Guest Post♥Giveaway: The Hands of Time by Irina Shapiro

Genre: Time-travel romance
When a young woman vanishes without a trace from a quaint fishing village on the coast of England only one person knows the truth, but he remains silent allowing the authorities to search for her in vain.
Meanwhile, Valerie Crane finds herself transported to the year 1605. Terrified and confused she turns for help to the Whitfield brothers, who take her in and offer her a home. Both Alexander and Finlay Whitfield fall in love with the mysterious woman who shows up on their doorstep creating a love triangle that threatens to consume them all. Valerie must make her choice, deciding between the brother who will lead her down the path of destruction or one who will give her a love she couldn’t find in her own time.
Guest Post:

I wrote “The Hands of Time” because I have always been fascinated with the idea of time travel. What would any of us do if suddenly transported to a different time? How would we survive? Would we be able to adapt if faced with the prospect of spending our life trapped in another century, much more dangerous than our own? Might we possibly find some things in the past that were missing from our lives in the present?

I like to examine the difference between the relationships of today and the courtships of the past. Men and women had such different expectations of each other, yet their relationships were not as transient as the “hit and run” encounters of today, or were they?

I also think it’s interesting to explore how a person from the present must adjust to a life without modern technology. We are all so used to instant communication, information, and gratification. I feel lost when my internet access goes down for a few hours, so I can’t imagine going back to a life where there were no means of communication, other than by handwritten letters that took hours or days to get to the recipient. It would certainly be a huge change from the instant exchange of information we have today.

I am currently working on a sequel to “The Hands of Time,” which should be available by the beginning of September. I felt like the story wasn’t quite finished, and many readers agreed with me.

Author Info:
I made my entrance into the world in a little known hospital located within walking distance of Moscow’s famed Red Square.  For the next eleven years I lived the life of an ordinary Soviet child, in then communist Russia, until my family’s emigration to the United States in 1982.  It was a difficult adjustment, but eventually I became an all American teenager who loved to watch soap operas and listen to pop music.  Due to my love of reading I was able to pick up English very quickly and was an honor student throughout my school career.  
After graduating from Bernard M. Baruch College in 1992 with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business I worked in advertising for two years before coming to realize that long hours and low wages were not the life for me.  I shifted my focus to Import/Export and worked my way up to the position of Import Manager in a large textile house before leaving the work force in 2006 to focus on my autistic son.  
It wasn’t until I had been at home for some time that I began to write.  Eventually my characters began to take on a life of their own and have conversations in my head.  Once I started writing my musings down the stories came easily enough.  I incorporated my love of history and travel into my writing to create a rich and detailed background for my characters.  Since then I have written five novels.  I am currently working on a sequel to “The Hands of Time.”
I live in New Jersey with my husband and two children.

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