Sunday, September 2, 2012


So welcome back my lovely Fire Ferrets!

So I have some news. As some of might know that some of my friends kind of got me into liking manga/anime.
Those who knows me well might be surprised since I was the one girl who no matter what my friends said I would never touch anime/manga. Haha since my sister kind of started watching Fullmetal Alchemist in June...I kind of got trapped in the anime/manga whirlwind. 
So now, the annoucement...

So one of my friend, Yuki, who has like ten billion gazillion manga hidden in cardboard boxes under her bed...she is going to be a guest/part time reviewer on FireStarBooks. 
Since she is going to be a guest/part time reviewer, I make signatures for me and her. I hope you guys like it.

She is going to review manga on FireStarBooks...duh. Now let's give a warm welcome to Yuki!!!! PAAARRRRTTTEEEEYYY!
Dude I just love this fandom. <3


  1. Awesome for you Ashley! Welcome Yuki :)

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  3. Oh, I love manga! Welcome Yuki (cool name)! :)

  4. Welcome Yuki ^__^ I'm a huge anime fanatic too, so I'm excited :D

  5. That is brilliant! Welcome Yuki! :-) I look forward to your reviews!

  6. That's amazing! I love manga/anime! Welcome, Yuki! :)

  7. OOOH Love this collab. Cannot wait to see what will be reviewed.


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