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Guest Post♥Giveaway: Soul Sisters by Janiera Eldridge

Soul Sisters is an urban fantasy novel about African-American twin sisters Ani and Dana who have a rather unique secret: one sister is human while the other is a vampire. While the sisters have lived peacefully with each other for many years one fateful night will change both their lives forever. When a drunken man tries to attack Dana (the human sister) Ani (the vampire sister) protects her sister with all of her ferocious power. 

However, when the vampire’s leader Donovan finds out about the public display he calls for the sisters to be assassinated for disobedience. Ani and Dana now are in for the fight of their lives to protect each other as well as the lives of their dedicated friends who have joined them on their mission for survival. If Dana and Ani can make it through this time of uncertainty, Ani can take her new place as vampire queen. Soul Sisters is expected to be a trilogy; The book also features a multicultural cast of characters that brings a new edge of chic to the vampire world.

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Building The World of Soul Sisters
Anytime I read a book, the location or surroundings of the characters are very important to me. When I think vampires, I think of exotic and larger than life locations. I knew my book would take place in the real world (both in the past and present) but I wanted the locations to be some of the amazing places we can experience right on our beautiful planet.
Human Sister Dana is from Harlem, New York in the early 20th century. I chose Harlem, New York because it was such a wonderful place for African-Americans to flourish during such an oppressive time in American History. I researched some of the most well esteemed professions in Harlem New York at the time and those professions were positions like a doctor or a tailor (fashion was a big part of the Harlem community as well). The early 1900’s in Harlem was also a great time for creativity. Harlem was filled with musicians and writers like Zora Neal Hurston. I found this unique world so fascinating and knew I had to work it in somehow.
The cast of characters do a lot travelling in this book so it allowed me to work some other wonderful placesinto the story. Ani (the vampire sister) and her old love Diego spent a lot of time in Spain. Looking up the beautiful old buildings that resided in Spain was really a lot of fun. It’s such a romantic country so it was perfect for Ani’s and Diego’s intense but on-again-off-again relationship.
The best location of the book for me was Switzerland; it is so beautiful! After researching some of the landscape and environment I knew this would be the perfect location to place the vampire head quarters. Although it tends to be sunny (which won’t kill the vampires but will severely mutilate them), Switzerland’s environmental conditions are so pure, making it the perfect breeding ground for vampires.
I loved placing my characters in these beautiful locations. Great settings really do make great books. If you choose to read Soul Sisters (that would make me so happy), I hope you enjoy exciting these locations as well!

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Janiera enjoys feeding her  book addiction when she not writing. She is also a book blogger at Beauty and Books where she mixes being a book nerd with keeping things chic. When not reading or writing she is freelance writing in the entertainment industry. Soul Sisters is her debut novel.

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  2. I love soul sisters it was so good can't wait for book 2 Janiera is and excellent writer xxoo

  3. Going to start on this book tonight. It sounds wonderful and I can't wait to take the trip with The Soul Sisters thank you for having me

    1. Thanks so much for reading my book. Please leave a brief review on Amazon or Goodreads if you can as I would love to hear what you think about it. xo


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