Saturday, October 20, 2012

Big Hint for Big Contest

So few months ago, I introduced this amazing contest on my blog. And now the contest is nearing the end. It is time to have the final conclusion and get those entries in. AD had kindly offered some big hints for the contest. Shall I refresh your memory on the contest first?

There are 3 ways to enter. 

The first way is guess Lucas Soul's favourite things, yes things. Just make some guesses :) The person who gets it right or the closest to the right things wins! (If there are more than one person who gets it right before the contest closes, a random draw will be conducted.) Just email your guess to catchingashootingstar(AT)hotmail(DOT)ca with the subject line "Favourite Things (YOUR NAME)". And yes you can guess more than once, just sent those emails to me with the suggested subject line. :) *hint, hint there are 10 things*

The second way is to write a 100 words "story" (not really story since it doesn't have to end) to the following prompt. Make it as thrilling as possible! And email me your entry with the subject line "Writing Entry (YOUR NAME)" to catchingashootingstar(AT)hotmail(DOT)ca. And once again, you can send in more than one entry, just email me. :)


I smiled, glanced at the side mirrors and stiffened.
‘What?’ said Reid.
‘Got your seatbelt on?’ I said tensely.
‘Yeah, why?’
‘We’re being tailed. Hang on.’
Complete this scene when they leave Boston for New York in 100 words! 

The third way is a photo contest! So here is what you have to do: send pictures of the actors/actresses who would best portray Lucas, Anna, and ReidNeed a little help? Read the excerpt or the extended excerpt above. :) Sent your picutre(s) with the subject line "Photo Entry (YOUR NAME)" to catchingashootingstar(AT)hotmail(DOT)caIf you are having trouble sending your photos, upload the pictures somewhere and sent me a link to the photos via my email. If that doesn't work, tweet me the photos/links or facebook me. And with this one too, you can send in multiple entries. :)

And before you ask, yes you can enter all three ways! If you enter all three ways, you get three chances to win! Also this contest is INTERNATIONAL! AD is happy to send the book anywhere, just not the moon. :) The contest ends October 31st (you got almost two months). And if you have any more questions regarding the contest, just comment below your questions. :) Don't be shy.

So what can you win?
Soul Meaning of course! :) You can choose between ebook (mobi, epubsmashwrods, or doc files) or paperpack of Soul Meaning. But wait, there is more! The three winners will have a spot in the acknowledgements in AD's upcoming book! So what are you waiting for? Enter to win!

Now for the hint, ;) This hint applies more for the first and third entries but it is HUGE. So the hint is...visit AD's website, it has everything!!! May I repeat? The website has all the information! I hope that was helpful. Remember to get those entries in and WIN! :D

If you want the book now, then check out all the sellers!
eBook:  Amazon | Smashwords
Paperback:  Amazon  |  Waterstones
eBookAmazon  | Smashwords  | Barnes & Nobles | Sony
Paperback: Amazon  |  Barnes & Nobles
The book is also available from the Book Depository, Blackwell’s and Amazon Canada/France/Germany/Italy/Spain/Japan!

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