Friday, November 2, 2012

Fashion Friday: DC Comics Part 1

This is going to be my sister's Fashion Friday. Yes, she finally decided to join my blog. YAY! Here it goes~

Fashion Friday started in February of 2012. It is a bridge between two of FireStarBooks' passions:  books and fashion. Fashion Friday is a weekly meme for book lovers to post any fashion related ideas or images that they thought would be a great match for books on Friday.

Okay so this is my first time doing this and way to go in blind. For my first Fashion Friday, I decided to break the rules. Yep, way to make a good impression right? I am going to make this FF themed. This week's theme is:

DC Comics characters

Actually, since there are so many superheroes/villains I can choose from, I'll need to split this up into parts. For the first part, I'll be featuring the more well known characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman - The Big Three. Depending on my schedule, I will follow this part up with additional characters such as The Flash (Wally West), one or more of The Green Lantern Corps, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Zatanna and so on. 

To start off:
Clark Kent/Superman
This is what I picture what Clark would wear when he is with his parents, on their farm. Relaxed, at peace and away from Metropolis.


This is what I picture Clark would wear in Metropolis, being a reporter. It's got that naive charm to it that speaks to his farm-boy side but it is also sophisticated and modern enough for a big city like Metropolis.

Bruce Wayne/Batman 
This one, for me, was extremely complicated. Bruce's personality is incredibly hard to pin down and even if you could define it with just a set of clothes, good luck with the playboy persona he puts on. So I've decided to both sides of him. Keep in mind, this is my interpretation of what I think Bruce would wear; if you think I've got it completely wrong, feel free to submit your own.
The reserved, casual Bruce.
This is what I feel the "real" Bruce would wear on a day off (although I don't think the words "day off" exist in his vocabulary). This is what he would put on if he didn't have to put on a fa├žade for every one around him. Somehow, I feel like the only one who gets to meet this side of Bruce is his butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

This is what casual!Bruce will wear out to a formal occasion. Nothing fancy, just a clean, slick suit. He doesn't want attention but somehow he still can make the female population swoon and declare their love for him.

The Playboy Bruce
What can I say? Playboy!Bruce is obviously charming, funny, witty and a little more "fun" than the real Bruce. He's fashion choices are much more bold, and attention-seeking. His outfits are more edgy and trendy. From scarves to fluffy collars, a stylish satchel to a less orthodox suit and tie apparel.

Diana/Wonder Woman

This is the classy, sophisticated Diana that I came to envision. She is a warrior princess and this outfit, although out of her Themysciran comfort zone, suits her effortlessness to look amazing. This is what she would have dressed liked if she had been brought up in the "normal" world.
This is more of the image often associated with her. The free-spirit, the strong yet sexy princess she is.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. I'll try to post more in the future. Give me your ideas and I would love for you to give me feedback. 


  1. I love this so much!! The dress that you picked for the original is beautiful and fitting.

  2. ... Playboy Bruce ... be still my beating heart ...


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