Saturday, November 3, 2012

Manga Review: Kuroko no Basket Volume 10

JFKJEFEIOWJFEFJEOFEJ!!!!! SHIN -CHAN AND TAKAO!!!! KIYOSHI AND HYUGA!!! RUN & GUN!!!! JUST AS KUROKO IS ABOUT TO GO ON!!!!! WHHHHHHYYYYYY! Haha, thank you for the volume 11! :D Well not quite, I need to talk a bit more about this volume.

Okay, so I really enjoyed this volume. It wasn't heart crumbling like the last volume but it had a lot more information and a lot of details on how some of the players changed or we just got more info in general (such as Seirin's original play: Run & Gun). 

It was also nice to be introduced to the Crownless Generals...ohhhhh....ahhhhh~ I know, I know. I don't really like Hanamiya...he is just soooo slimy and evil looking. *shivers* Get away from me.

I really like Kiyoshi. He is like this big brother that you will protect you no matter what. The partnership between Kiyoshi and Hyuga is just adorable. I also like how Kiyoshi thinks Kagami and Kuroko are cute together...Guys, he ships them. We found ourself a shipper in the manga! *confetti* Let's celebrate.

I totally gave myself the chills when reading the part about how the "gate" is being forced opened by Kagami...I reread those pages like a billion times.

Okay, on to Takao and Midorima. O-T-FUCKING-P!!! They are just sooooo cuteee!! I can't wait for the next volume...I want to see his smile....oops was that a spoiler? I just love the comments from Takao and the focus of them both. Their partnership is just...*sigh* so loveable! Once again, OTP!

Favourite quote from this volume:

“There is no proof, but they all sense it. They are all geniuses that appear once in a decade. The only ones that can counter such overwhelming talents one-on-one are the Generation of Miracles alone. Players who are on the same level as them don't exist, even if they do appear, they'll be in a very distant future. That was how it was suppose to be. What they heard was the sound of the gate - the sound of the gate that only extraordinary geniuses can enter - being forced open.” 

Okay, I just wrote that in 2 minutes. I definitely left something out but I just can't wait to read the next volume...see you next time. ;)

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