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Excerpt♥Giveaway: Touch by Melissa Haag


A touch. That’s all it takes for Tessa to know her future with a boy. Her mom tells her she needs to choose her best option before she turns seventeen. Problem is, she sees all her ‘options’ dying before they turn thirty. That may have worked for the last fourteen generations of women in her family tree, but she can’t choose and condemn someone to an early grave.

An unfortunate incident at school starts a chain of events that reveals a centuries old chaos demon and a chance to remove her ‘gift’ forever.


“Tessa,” a deep rumbling voice quietly drifted to me, “its Morik.  Open your eyes.”
My heart gave a little flutter at the sudden sound of his voice.  I took a calming breath and pushed any fear I had aside.  He told me to open my eyes as if I’d purposely closed them, as if they actually listened to me.  I tried opening them anyway and to my surprise, it worked.
It took a moment for them to adjust to the darkened room, the only light coming from under the bedroom door.  I heard the TV on in the living room.  I’d always thought they went to bed after I did.
“Can you turn on the reading light?” I whispered not wanting to turn on the bedroom light.
A quiet click later, the dim yellow glow from the light blinded me.  Usually kept in a kitchen drawer for emergencies, I’d snagged it when I’d gone for a glass of water before brushing out my hair.  I’d thought I’d need it to stumble around outside in the dark.
I sat up in bed, mentally bracing myself.  No fear, I reminded myself as I swung my legs over the edge of the mattress and turned toward the light.
He wasn’t as I remembered him.
He stood near my desk, holding the light loosely in his hand, watching me.  The light created small shadows on his very real skin.  I held myself still focusing on slow even breathing while I studied his face.
Pitch back hair fell in soft short waves back from his brow.  The tips of his ears, about the same size as my own, poked through the thick waves extending his ears by another inch.  Two worry lines marred his smooth wide brow.  In the dim light, the color of his skin hinted at Native American, but with a greyish cast.  I wondered if it was due to the shadows.  Then, his eyes captivated me.  Swirling prisms of color, his irises contrasted the muddied backdrop of the whites of his eyes.  The difference between the two as scary as it was beautiful.
He held himself still as I continued to study him, though his wide full lips turned down in a slight frown.  I noticed his lower lip protruded slightly as if he had an under bite.  Before I had time to study his mouth further, I discerned a slight dent in his chin.  Not quite a butt chin, but still a strong one.
My eyes drifted down.  He wasn’t wearing a shirt.  Why wasn’t he wearing a shirt?  My eyes did a quick travel lower and I breathed in relief at the sight of kaki cargo pants.  Calmer, I went back to his chest.  No hair sprinkled his skin there, everything lean muscle.  He was right.  He did blend well.  Better than my first glimpse of him.  I forced my eyes back up to his face not wanting to be rude.  His body looked very human, unlike his eyes and ears.
Seeing the real him without fear?  Check.  Touching him…  “So, where exactly am I supposed to touch you?”  I kept my voice low so no one would hear.  The no shirt business made me wary.
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Melissa Haag

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