Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bookies Got Style (1): Katniss Everdeen + Puffy 3 Tone Grey Review


If you didn't know already from the title, I'll be doing Katniss Everdeen inspired looks. Haha, I am not a pro at this so please excuse my photos and looks. I just want to have fun. It is actually extremely embarrassing for me to do this. xD

So let's dive in shall we?

Remember how at the Reaping Katniss was wearing blue? Well this was my take at it. It came off a bit shiny then I hoped but I paired a light blue pokadotted top and a plain grey pair of jeans and some blue flats. The pokadots kind of made me think of cute olden days like "the-good-old-days-before-Katniss-was-dragged-into-the-Game". Wow...I hope you get that. And nothing is more plain than grey pants. Notice the dark eye circles, the pale lips, the stiff awkward pose? District 12 man! I also French braided my bangs on one side and tied everything into a loose side bun. It kind of gives it a peasant look.
The girl on fire needs to still look professional for the Capitol right? Nothing is more sleek then a blazer and of course we can't forget the red/orange hot colour that defines our Katniss. I even added a little extra something with the tank top underneath, a little shiny rimstones to add to the "wow" factor of the Capitol. You want to not scare everyone off on the streets but still look Capitol ready. And now to the shoes, these killers are super comfortable even with the height (and they were only $5 yes gasp Capitol, us commoners can get good looking shoes at a fraction of the price! Beat it!) Also with the hair, it is a side French braid with a high bun. This keeps the hair from the face, giving it a polished look.
This one is just a casual look that I thought would fit a Katniss type of girl. The colours were dark but still had their fun. To me it kind of feel earthy, not to feminine but still girly. I mean I don't know if Katniss will wear this but still :P Plus it is super comfortable. As for the hair for this look, it is side French braid with another braid. :P You can't really see it but everything was tied off with another braid.
I had sooooo many outfits planned out and boy you should have been on my bed....allll covered in clothings (if my dad had seen it he would've complained how I could open a store with it). Sadly, the camera ran out of batteries so maybe next time I'll do a new edition with Katniss and feature more clothings!

And as you can see above, I didn't go for an exact replica of Katniss' clothings in the book, but if that's what you want, why not try it yourself? :D
Here's what Hunger Games Wikia said about Katniss' clothings in the trilogy:
- hunting boots
- worn-out clothes
- blue dress
- Black unitard with fire
- Precious flame jewels dress
- Hooded black jacket (to the thighs), tawny trousers, sturdy brown belt, green button-up shirt
- Black pants, white shirt, green/blue/gray wool sweater, laced leather boots
- White coat, leather gloves, bright red scarf, earmuffs
- Orange frock patterned with autumn leaves
- Pale pink strapless gown
- Dark blue velvet number
- Sleeves that touch the floor and lots and lots of pearls.
- a fitted blue jumpsuit only 1/2 inch thick made of sheer material, zipper in front, six inch wide padded belt covered in purple plastic and nylon shoes with rubber soles
- Grey shirt and pants
- Black body armor, helmet to hood, with chest plate, 3/4 sleeves, white folds under her arms, boots and belt

Or you can be like me and just grab some clothes around the house and make your own Katniss flared looks. NOW I CHALLENGE YOU TO BETTER ME! >;P which won't be that hard to do.

And it was hard to tell from those pictures that I had contacts on, but these were it: Puffy 3 tone grey. Want to see what I thought of them? Check out my review HERE <---it will include tons of derpy pictures of me, you know you don't want to miss it ;).
Just flash in a dark room.
Just normal room light (yellow).
Just window light.


ALSO! You can now see the extras/bloopers post here! :D


  1. As the photographer, do I not get a shoutout? ;) I think all of these looks fit the story really well and I'm not saying that because I'm your sister; I truly believe it.

  2. Omggggg I love everything about this post. You are sooooo adorable. I want to eat your face :3

  3. Gorgeous! Love those heels. Now will you let me do some Effie Trinket makeup on you :) (aka just let me at your beautiful face ;) )

  4. OMG *huuuuugggsss* I AM GOING TO EAT YOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ahahaha! My face....better get a bucket load of foundation and concealer!! But I would love to :3 And the heels are sooo comfortable!! Just don't be like me and try to walk in the back yard....ummm...kind of sunk into the soil. :P *hits head* DUMMBB!!

  6. Ooh, Ashley, that's so fun! I love the outfits, especially the Capitol one! You look fierce ;) You officially have me interested in doing one of these myself for you.. now to find the inspiration... hmm...


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