Saturday, October 5, 2013

Event Recap: Pinto Valley Ranch

So over the summer, I read, travelled and watched sports. The usual. But on one casual Wednesday evening, over dinner, my mom told us that she signed up for an event organized by her union. I've long learned from experience that usually these events involved some sort of dinner, or gathering. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE food, but spending 3 to 4 hours in a room with grown-ups* was no fun. But surprisingly, someone in that union seem to have aged backwards because this time, they decided to welcome everyone on to a ranch.

*By grown-ups, I don't mean anyone who is over 18 or 19 here. By that definition, I would be a grown-up myself. My definition of grown-ups is very similar to how The Little Prince described them. A grown-up is someone who is nothing but wake up, eat, work, bathroom break, work, head home, eat, sleep. These grown-ups seem to have lost their sense of enjoyment and has tunnel-visioned themselves into a very narrow path.

A ranch! A freaking ranch! I mean, I went to high school in the middle of nowhere and about half of my classmates lived on farms, but a ranch is still fascinating. (I did attend the Calgary Stamped one time, but that was as country as I got).

I will keep the writing to a minimum. Enjoy! (Protip: Click on the images for zoom.)

These llamas want to thank you for visiting this post! These guys are there to protect the sheep from potential predators. So many they were voicing their warning calls? "Beware! Human with camera approaching!" 

The owner of the ranch was nice enough to tow us in his wagon. It surre wasd a bummmpy ride! (Excuse me for the typos. Too bumpy).

But hey! We got rewarded! These hand-picked apples are for feeding the animals around the ranch.

There is my sister and my dad doing about, ringing the lunch time bell. Ashley was probably thinking "Can we take this one home?"

But not everyone preferred the apples. Some just wanted grass; is that too much to ask?

Are these emus? I'm not a zoologist. Someone help me out here so I don't look like a complete idiot. (Good, I filled up a reasonable amount of words for this caption).

Apparently this alpaca wanted to join the fun. (LOOK AT HIS CHUBBY CHEEKS!)

I guess Dave here wins the award for the chubbiest of them all. :3

But Kevin Bacon and his brother WINS ALL OF THE AWARDS. (Legit, Kevin Bacon is his name).

And here is another alpaca. He/she is guarding two ponies! :3

Come visit me soon!


  1. Stella! I wanted more alpaca photos!!!


  3. D: I already chose HD and it's still this crappy? -le sigh-


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